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Branded Advantages
1. Friends of ground Plastic Hardware Products Factory was established in 1986, is the top ten plastic tray manufacturers, well-known brands in Guangdong Province.
2. Friends of the Qin plastic industry's production base covers an area of more than 150,000 square feet. Annual production of more than 300 million plastic tray, turnover me more than 10 million sets.
3. Friends of the plastic industry has its own logistics team and R & D team.
4. Friends of the plastic industry after-sales commitment: "The company produces all the products can be old (bad) for new.
Process Advantages

Friends of the plastic industry from the understanding of customer needs - product design - the choice of materials - the deployment of color - strict control of the production process - product quality inspection - finished product storage - product distribution, etc. Each link are strict checks, in order to deliver the best products to customers.

Our Team
Friends of the plastic industry has science and technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing services as one of the professional team, more than 300 employees, including college or higher professional and technical personnel accounting for 50 percent of the total number of employees.
After-Sales Service
Friends of the plastic industry has a professional after-sales service team, the customer once the purchase of products, professional customer service staff responsible for product tracking, product has any feedback, we quickly solve the problem in 3 days. Friends of the Friends of the plastic industry to another commitment to customers: "the damaged products to the old (bad) for new services, can continue to cooperate when processing.
Improve Logistics
The company has sufficient reserves of conventional products, and has its own efficient logistics team to ensure that products can reach the customer's designated location as quickly as possible (Guangdong Province can be delivered on the 3rd, the green logistics outside the province rapid delivery). The company has always been customer-centric, currently has 20 vehicles transport vehicles, build the best lines, optimize capacity costs, to provide efficient, convenient, safe and reliable service experience, help customers create the most value.

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